It’s Men’s Health Week: Here are 6 Resources to Get You Started

Men’s Health Week & Month take place each June and it’s a good time to check in with your primary care physician if you haven’t had a physical and your regular screenings in the last year. Given the pandemic, many of us are behind on some of these important check-ins. Many health care providers continue to offer telemedicine visits, if you want to talk with them virtually instead of going in person. Consumer Reports has a great Men’s Health Checklist for Every Age you can use as a discussion guide with your doctor.

Below are 6 resources to support you during Men’s Health Week:

  1. The CDC has a tool to help you create a family medical history. Try to collect as much of the information you can before meeting with your health provider so you can discuss it with them.
  2. The National Institutes of Health Medline Plus site has a variety of resources for Men’s health. There you can find resource pages by health topic or concern and also access to a variety of research.
  3. Harvard Medical School has pulled together a handy list of screening tests for men to help uncover potential health problems early.
  4. The National Institute of Mental Health has a Men and Mental Health resource page with warning signs, suggestions on where to go for help, and videos.
  5. How’s your vision? If you haven’t had it checked in a while, check out this resource from the CDC on things to be on the lookout for.
  6. And let’s not forget oral health! Delta Dental has background on risk factors specific to men and their oral health.

Now is a great time to make your appointments and be sure you’re taking care of your health!