5 Easy Ways to Get Your Body Moving More in 2020

by Joyce Warner, FEEA Executive Director and Stephanie Baker, WAEPA Senior Vice President, Member Services

If you are starting off 2020 thinking about health and wellness, you are not alone. Many folks start to think about how to get more exercise at this time of year. Here are a few tips for federal employees looking to get moving more in 2020:

See if your agency has a Recreation Association

Some federal workplaces, like the National Institutes of Health, Patent and Trademark Office, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, among others, have a fitness, recreation, or wellness employee association. The employee groups may run an on-site gym or coordinate sports leagues. If you are not sure if your agency has one, stop by human resources to ask, or check your agency’s website/intranet.

Go for a lunchtime walk

No formal fitness association or gym at work? Lunchtime walks either inside your building (if the weather is bad) or outside in the fresh air can not only help you get your steps in, but also help recharge your brain and focus for work. Check out this report from the New York Times on The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk. Invite a work friend along to catch up with. Make it a habit.

Squeeze in a few moves during the workday

If your building allows, take the stairs. If you drive to work and don’t have an assigned spot, park a little farther away from the door. You can also check out these tips for Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly. Many can be done at your desk.

Keep fitness costs lower on your personal time

If you build the habit, there are a number of ways to get moving at low cost. Check out this list of exercises you can do while watching TV. Many television-streaming services have workout videos among their offerings. Check out these articles on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube with recommendations for each service. Looking for group or more social fitness activities? Check out Meetup for biking, walking, and other recreational sports groups near where you live.

Walk or run in support of federal employees

Form a team for the 8thAnnual Public Service Walk/Run happening May 3, 2020.While the main event will be in the DC Metro area, you can also gather a group of friends and family and walk anywhere in the US or abroad. Register your virtual team and we’ll send you t-shirts to wear on race day. Special thanks to WAEPA for joining us as a gold sponsor for this year’s event as well as supporting FEEA’s #FedLifeHacks.

Before you begin a new exercise routine it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor for any cautions or restrictions based on your current health. Also, check out these tips from the Mayo Clinic on getting started with fitness.

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