niki gleason

Niki Gleason

Niki Gleason has been with FEEA since 2001. As Senior Program and Operations Manager, she manages many aspects of FEEA’s day-to-day business, including the annual merit-based scholarship contest, as well as the special Oklahoma City, Pentagon 9/11, and Diplomatic scholarship programs that provide scholarship support to children who lost a federal employee parent in a terrorist attack. Niki has overseen awards to more than 6,000 students during her tenure. She also manages FEEA’s human resources, facility management, and general operations. Previously, she was a medical transcriptionist and has associates degrees in Liberal Arts and Health Information Technology.  

Niki has six children and lives with her husband in Denver, Colorado. For years she was active in the local theatre community, working with special needs performers and now an empty nester, she enjoys spending time with her husband, attending plays, and singing in her church choir. Other activities include hiking in the fabulous Colorado mountains and reading with Frank, her dog, sitting on the couch next to her.