a photo showing tornado damage to a home

Did You Know FEEA Has Helped Over 9,000 Feds Facing Disasters?

Each year, feds across the country fall victim to natural disasters like floods, fires, and hurricanes. In these times of exceptional need, FEEA steps in to provide temporary relief while those affected wait for insurance and other aid to kick…
a father and daughter put plywood over a window; information about strengthening your home is shown

It’s Hurricane Preparedness Week – Are You Ready?

Atlantic Hurricane season starts on June 1, 2019, so if you live in or near an area prone to hurricanes, now is the time to ensure you’ll be ready to withstand storm surge, flooding, high winds, and coastal hazards. The National Weather Service…
Typhoon over planet Earth - satellite photo. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

FEEA Prepares for Hurricane Florence. Will You Help?

Hurricane Florence is already beginning to impact people in the Carolinas, with what the National Hurricane Center describes as a "triple threat" of high winds, storm surge, and flooding. Predictions are that Florence will stall over the Carolinas…