Runner / Walker Registration.

Check back soon for more information about the 2018 event!

Tips for Seeking Donation Pledges

Tip 1

Use the custom donation page, created during the registration process, to promote your participation in the race to friends and family via email and social media. If you raise over $300 we’ll refund your base registration fee!

Tip 2

Set a goal on your donation page. Consider making your own or anonymous donations of different amounts to your page to encourage others. People will take your lead and give higher amounts if they see numbers already on the board. If you plan to donate, let others know you also believe in our charity and plan to give.

Tip 3

If you are a federal employee, don’t solicit donations at work or during the work day. However, if you or your spouse has an employer matching gift program, ask how to participate.

Tip 4

Explain in your social media posts and emails that the donations to FEEA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and reference some of FEEA’s work to show how the funds will be spent for a good charitable purpose of helping public servants. Vary your social media posts and post reminders each week. Don’t forget to thank your donors (and we will too)!