Resources for Navigating Kids and School During the Pandemic

For many of us, school was disrupted for our children for most of 2020 and will be for at least some of 2021. This disruption has taken several forms, including switching to all-virtual learning, switching to hybrid learning (combining virtual and in-person days), or continuing with attending in-person every day, but with new social distancing and mask wearing policies. Burbio, a digital platform, has been tracking virtual vs in-person learning changes by county across the U.S. every few days. With the latest COVID-19 case surges we will likely see ongoing disruptions through this school year.

Learning difficulties, remote education, online learning concept. Tired mother and sad kid need help to do homework at home

Given these challenges, we’ve pulled together some resources for parents and other caregivers to help navigate these difficult times.

  • If you are looking for general tips on how to coach your student for success check out this video by Dr. Amy Dietzman. In less than 30 minutes you’ll find a whole host of ideas.
  • If your child has learning or other disabilities, check out this tip sheet from the National Center for Learning Disabilities and this report from Respect Ability.
  • Whether your child is back in the classroom full- or part-time or otherwise out in the community, here are some tips from The Mayo Clinic and KidsHealth on helping them get used to wearing a mask.

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