With Hurricane Dorian still churning up the Atlantic Coast, FEEA is thinking about feds from Florida to New England who have been or will be in the path of torrential rain and high winds. We hope our federal family in the Carolinas is safe today.

If you or someone you know experiences serious damage to their home, loss of their bed due to the storm, or has to pay for temporary lodging, help is available. Visit www.feea.org/disaster to learn more about our Disaster Relief program.

Typhoon over planet Earth - satellite photo. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

FEEA hopes everyone in the storm’s path stays safe. You can get the latest on Hurricane Dorian from NOAA’s National Hurricane Center and find tips for staying safe in a hurricane at Ready.gov.

If you would like to help feds in need during this disaster, please make a donation to FEEA’s Natural Disaster Fund today at www.feea.org/givedisaster.

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