FEEA’s heart goes out to the 800,000 federal workers currently furloughed or working without pay. While we wish we could help replace income for everyone in need, that is unfortunately beyond the resources of our small nonprofit.

For those suffering other tragedies in addition to being furloughed, FEEA’s hardship loan program is available to help and furloughed employees can apply and receive help even while not receiving pay. Qualifying emergencies are those such as serious illness of the employee or a family member, death in the family, or loss of home due to fire, and a complete list of eligible hardships as well as the application are available at www.feea.org/emergency.

a red and blue road sign "Government Shutdown"

FEEA has also learned about a few other resources that may be useful:

  1. Some credit unions that serve federal employees may be offering loans in response to the shutdown. If you belong to such a credit union, please contact them to see what if any programs they may be offering.
  2. Some states may provide unemployment insurance benefits to their residents. In most cases those funds would have to be refunded if federal pay is restored for the shutdown period. For more information visit OPM’s site here: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/furlough-guidance/unemployment-compensation-for-federal-employees-fact-sheet-december-2018.pdf.