Retirees can now pledge in the CFC!

OPM has now received Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval to incorporate the federal employee annuity program into this year’s CFC. This means retiree donors can now pledge online at

If you are a retiree, please consider making a pledge to donate via the Combined Federal Campaign to FEEA. If everyone did we could be there for all federal families in need. It takes just a minute on the new CFC pledging system using FEEA’s CFC # 11185.

We at FEEA are excited about the changes to the CFC this year, especially OPM’s more transparent and cost efficient fee structure for charities which means more dollars will get to the charities federal employee donors select. And please remember to check “Yes” on the share pledge information box so we can keep you updated on how your donation was used.

Thank you for supporting FEEA!