Bills and anxiety pile up quickly when your child has a severe illness, your home is damaged by fire, or your spouse loses a job unexpectedly.

Meet Sophie*. Sophie and her twin brother Jack were born prematurely to Kristine. Kristine is a federal civilian employee and has had to go on extended leave without pay while her twin preemies were in the neonatal intensive care unit. Being out of work, she had trouble making her rent one month.

Kristine is there every day serving her fellow Americans. It’s times like this that FEEA: the Federal Employee Education ­and Assistance Fund stands with federal public servants. We offered Kristine a no-interest loan to help with her rent that she is paying back each month through a payroll deduction.

This year, FEEA is celebrating its 30th anniversary of serving federal public servants in need. Since 1986, we have served over 50,000 federal families with emergency no-interest loans, disaster relief grants, scholarships, and childcare subsidies.

Please lend a hand. We can’t do it without you.

*Kristine’s name and family’s photo have been changed to protect her family’s privacy.