American Veteran and child

Today we celebrate the bravery and service of the 21,000,000 veterans of our armed forces. And approximately one in three current federal civilian employees is also an American veteran. FEEA proudly supports our federal employee veterans along with the rest of the entire federal civilian workforce all throughout the year.

Meet John. John* is a dedicated machinist with the US Army. His wife was recently diagnosed with cancer and is no longer able to work. He was having trouble making ends meet. FEEA helped him with a no-interest loan to cover his utility costs when his other bills were piling up. He repays FEEA each month via a payroll deduction.

John is there every day serving his fellow Americans. FEEA was there for him when he faced a family emergency. By offering no-interest loans, FEEA helps federal employees in crisis avoid payday and high interest loans, defaulting on their debts, and even bankruptcy.

All of FEEA’s programs are made possible by our generous individual and organizational sponsors who donate and pledge to CFC #11185 each year.

*John’s name and photo have been changed to protect his privacy.